Thursday, 7 July 2011

Kadambu tree and flowers

Enchanting Kadamba flowers!

Kadamba is a fragrant and beautiful solid flower, which is round in shape. The flower especially grows in Vrindavan and Mayapur. Recently, a week ago in Mayapur, sweet fragrance of Kadamba flowers filled the air. As you walk around the campus, Kadamba trees full of beautiful round white flowers like snow balls is a scenic delight. For the divine pleasure of the Lord, devotees lovingly offer Kadamaba garlands and bouquets. Kadamba flowers can be seen only for few days in a year. Krishna enjoys His rasa dance underneath the kadamba tree.

Kadamba garlands adorning Sri Sri Radha-Madhava!

Vrindavana-Mahimamrta, Sataka 16.50 elaborates how Sri Krsna enjoys the shade of Kadamba trees as,'I meditate on Sri Sri Radhika-Madhava who, on the Yamuna's shore, in the shade of Kadamba trees, in a splendid pavilion of glittereing jewel -vines lit by sapphire lamps and glorious with pearl flower buds, daimnond flowers, and lapis lazuli sprouting twigs, enjoy playful armorous joking'.